Smartfill-1 & Smartfill-2 Gas Fillers

The Smartfill-1 is a single line 30 litre a minute machine designed for the production of Argon gas filled insulated glass units. The Smartfill-1 is the first machine in the Inagas range to be equipped with the unique Smartstart lance system as standard which can be used either to gas fill using the one or two hole filling method.

The Smartfill-2 is a dual line version of the Smartfill-1 designed for medium to high production of Argon gas filled insulated glass units. Each line operates independently from one another with a combined maximum flow rate of 60 litres per minute using the Smartstart lance system.

Smartfill-1 & Smartfill-2 Gas Fillers
Smartfill-1 Smartfill-2 Smartfill-1 Touch Screen Smartfill-2 Touch Screen Smartfill-2 Touch Screen


H 407mmxW540mmxD656mm
250mm Touch Screen control
Visual & audible signals on completion of fill
Auto and manual calibration of sensor
Ability to change gas fill percentages
Variable overfill
Data logging
Flow Rate: 30 litres per minute per line
One hole or two hole filling options
Vertical or horizontal filling options
Alert when gas bottle empty
Optional trolley

Fill Times

Unit size 1000cm x 1000mm x 15.5mm
Two hole filling 65 seconds
One hole filling 95 seconds
(Per filling line)

Touch Screens

The 250mm touch screen gives a live display of the gas filling process and is also used to access the menu screen. From the menu screen gas percentage levels, overfill timer, data logging, pressure set up and calibration features can be accessed. A Smartfill-1 is fully upgradeable to Smartfill-2 specifications at a later date.

Optional Features

Data Logging/Print Feature


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