Sparklike Laser™ - Gas Testing

Inagas is proud to represent Sparklike who over the last 15 years has become known for their non-invasive gas detection devices. The Sparklike Handheld™ and Sparklike Laser™ are considered industry standard worldwide.

The Sparklike Laser™ product is based on laser technology (TDLAS) to measure the Oxygen content inside an IGU, results are then converted to display an Argon, Krypton or mixed inert gas reading.

Sparklike Laser™ - Gas Testing Sparklike Laser Standard Sparklike Laser Portable Sparklike Laser In Use

Key Benefits

  • Analyse double and Triple IGU
  • Analyse through coated and laminate glass
  • Accurately determine IGU glass and cavity thickness
  • Accurately measure from 1-99% gas content

The Sparklike Laser™ is available in two distinct versions.

  1. Sparklike Laser Standard™, an offline solution for test labs and desktop use.
  2. Sparklike Laser Portable™, a whole system integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery for mobility in factories and building sites.

Technical Specifications

Thickness measurement accuracy +/- 50 um (*)
Gas measurement accuracy +/- 1,5% StDev.(*)
Measurement Time Double glazed unit (DGU) 16-22s and triple glazed unit (TripleGU) 18-30s //
Laser Online: DGU 9s and TripleGU 15s
Maximum IG thickness 51mm (from surface 1 to surface 3 with DGU, from surface 1 to 5 with TripleGU)
Minimum glass thickness 2mm
Main power supply values Selectable 100-240
Max. input power 250W
Connections RJ-45, 2x USB 2.0
Display 10,1″ Touch Screen
Software Custom Sparklike Laser StandardTM / Sparkelike Laser PortableTM version, Windows 7 Embedded Standard
Data Logging Capability Virtually unlimited

Latest News

Inagas launches UK based Calibration Centre

Inagas is delighted to announce the launch of a UK based Calibration Centre, set up specifically to service all Sparklike HandheldTM devices in the UK.

New Sparklike HandheldTM from Inagas for Southern Windows

Inagas has been supporting longstanding customer, Southern Windows, with their gas testing requirements.