Sparklike Handheld™ - Gas Testing

Inagas is proud to represent Sparklike who over the last 15 years has become known for their non-invasive gas detection devices. The Sparklike Handheld™ and Sparklike Laser™ are considered industry standard worldwide.

Sparklike Handheld™'s technology is based on plasma emission spectroscopy. A high voltage spark is launched in the IG units cavity causing a light emission which is observed and analysed further. The user can simply place the device against the unit, press the button and receive an instant result with high accuracy. Sparklike Handheld™ is a perfect solution for glass industry's tightening production standards delivering quick and accurate quality sampling.

Sparklike Handheld™ - Gas Testing Sparklike Handheld™ Gas plasma ignition during Sparklike Handheld™ test

Key Benefits

  • Fast non destructive gas concentration test
  • IG can be tested repeatedly
  • Test the Argon and Krypton concentration
  • Data Logging compatible
  • Completely portable

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions 265x190x90 mm
Weight 2 kg
Operating Conditions 0 – 35 °C
Humidity 0 – 90 % R.H.
Main Power Supply 16,8 V Li-Ion Battery
2.0 Ah
Power Consumption 40 W
Battery Charger Li-Ion Battery Charger
Connectors USB and Battery Charging
Display 128x64 Pixel LCD Display
Measurement Time 1 s
Software Sparklike Handheld Data Logging
Data Logging Capability 1900 Measurements

Latest News

Inagas launches UK based Calibration Centre

Inagas is delighted to announce the launch of a UK based Calibration Centre, set up specifically to service all Sparklike HandheldTM devices in the UK.

New Sparklike HandheldTM from Inagas for Southern Windows

Inagas has been supporting longstanding customer, Southern Windows, with their gas testing requirements.